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Mahindra EarthMaster SXL

Load away in a smart way!

Mahindra EarthMaster SXL is an ideal heavy equipment machine for multi-purpose use in construction to move aside or load materials such as sand, asphalt, debris into the dump truck. The front-mounted square wide bucket connected to the end of two booms helps to move an assembled material from ground level and deposit it into an awaiting dump truck or shift it to other side. It has been validated on all performance, safety and reliability parameters. It not only increases your productivity but also offers unmatched fuel economy, superior style and operator comfort.


    Model 4805-IA-CEV
    Emission Standard BSIII
    Type Turbocharged Intercooled
    No. of Cylinders 4
    Displacement 3532 cc
    Gross Horse Power 58.8 kw (79.89 HP) @ 2300+/- 50 RPM
    Peak Gross Torque 306 Nm @ 1300-1700 RPM
  • Hydraulics

    System type pressure Open Centre: 250 Bars (3675 psi)
    Pump Type Fixed Displacement Gear Pump
    Pump Delivery 115 LPM @2350 RPM
    Control Valves (Backhoe Loader) Sectional Valves (Sandwich Type, Individually Replaceable)
  • Transmission

    Type: Four Speed (4 Forward, 4 Reverse), Low Noise, Two Wheel Drive with option for 4 Wheel Drive (4 WD), Synchro Shuttle Transmission with Electrically Operated Reversing Shuttle and Torque Convertor having Stall Ratio of 2.64:1
  • Axles

    Rear Axle:
    Rigidly mounted drive axle, with outbound planetary final drives, driven by short drive shaft.

    Front Axle:
    Centrally pivoted, non-driven unbalanced type axle, with total oscillation of 16°, with remote greasing facility for the main pin.

  • Brakes

    Service Brakes:
    Hydraulically actuated, self adjusting, maintenance free, oil immersed multi-disc, on the rear axle, operated by independent foot pedals, joined together for normal operation.

    Parking Brakes:
    Hand operated, inbuilt in the rear axle, low maintenance.

  • Electricals

    Dust proof switches, ignition controls for engine start and stop, horn and reverse alarm, water and dust proof electrical connectors.

    Electric :12 V, Battery 100Ah

    Alternator: 90 Ampere.
  • Cabin

    Ergonomically designed cab with contemporary styling, excellent operator comfort, day and night time visibility, rear view mirror, multiple storage options, two door access, sliding rear window, stowable doors and an integrated tool box.

    Cabin frame built with sturdy tubular sections and protected with CED technology for longer rust protection.

    Fully adjustable premium operator seat with safety belt. Excellent leg space, conveniently positioned control levers and pedals.

    Low line curved hood to enhance operator visibility. Rops, FOPS compliant.
  • Steering

    Front wheel hydrostatic power steering, with priority function and pressure relief setting of 145 bar.
  • Operator Information and Entertainment System

    Cluster with water and dust proof connectors (IP-67) with Speedometer Turn and head light signals , RPM, Temp display
  • Gear Speed

    1st F/R 5.66 km/hr
    2nd F/R 9.11 km/hr
    3rd F/R 20.00 km/hr
    4th F/R 39.97 km/hr
  • Service Capacities

    Hydraulic Oil Circuit Capacity 100 Litres
    Fuel Tank 120 Litres
    Engine Coolant Ready Mix (17 Litres)
    Engine Oil 13.7 Litres
    Transmission 19.20 Litres
    Rear Axle 17.10 Litres
    Front Axle
  • Tyres

    Tyre 2WD IND 2WD HD 4WD IND 4WD HD
    Front 9 X 16-16PR 9 X 16-16PR
    Rear 16.9 X 28-12PR 14 X 25-12PR / 20PR 16.9 X 28-12PR 14 X 25-12PR / 20PR
  • Static Dimension

    AA Overall length 4420 mm 4417 mm 4415 mm 4415 mm
    AB Wheelbase 2175 mm 2175 mm 2175 mm 2175 mm
    AC Ground Clearance (Stabilizer Foot) 321 mm 301 mm 319 mm 300 mm
    Ground Clearance (Foot Axle) 345 mm 350 mm 326 mm 326 mm
    Slew Center to Rear Axle Center 1333 mm 1333 mm 1333 mm 1333 mm
    AE Height to top of Cab 2923 mm 2909 mm 2923 mm 2909 mm
    AG Track Width Rear 1720 mm 1720 mm 1720 mm 1720 mm
    AH Track Width Front 1914 mm 1914 mm 1920 mm 1920 mm
    AJ Width Over Bucket 2404 mm 2404 mm 2404 mm 2238 mm
    AK Max Length From Front Axle Center(Carry Position) 2258 mm 2249 mm 2249 mm 2240 mm
    AL Max Length From Rear Axle Center(Carry Position) 1456 mm 1456 mm 1456 mm 1456 mm
    AM Width During Transport Condition 2282 mm 2282 mm 2282 mm 2282 mm
    AN Max Length (Carry Position) 5886 mm 5881 mm 5879 mm 5879 mm
    Approch Angle 63.5o 64o 64o 64o
    Departure Angle 21o 20o 21o 20o
  • Loader Performance

    M Dump Height 2900 mm 2909 mm 2911 mm 2920 mm
    N Load Over Height 3452 mm 3462 mm 3462 mm 3468 mm
    O Pin Height 352 mm 330 mm 340 mm 320 mm
    P Pin Forward Reach 1639 mm 1635 mm 1631 mm 1629 mm
    Q Reach at Ground 1231 mm 1211 mm 1200 mm 1200 mm
    R Max Reach at Full Height 843 mm 828 mm 835 mm 821 mm
    S Reach at Full Height- Bucket Dump 131 mm 123 mm 150 mm 112 mm
    T Below Ground Level Dig Depth- 2WD 44o 44o 44o 44o
    U Roll Back Angle at Ground 44o 43o 43o 43o
    V Dump Angle 49o 49o 49o 49o
    W Roll Back Angle at Max Lift 4592 mm 4597 mm 4602 mm 4598 mm
    X Overall Height Bucket Raised 2900 mm 2909 mm 2911 mm 2920 mm
    1 Bucket Breakout Force 6075 Kg 6075 Kg 6075 Kg 6075 Kg
    2 Loader Arm Breakout Force 4990 Kg 4990 Kg 4990 Kg 4990 Kg
    Shovel 1.1 cn. M. 1.1 cn. M. 1.1 cn. M. 1.1 cn. M.
    Left Capacity at Max 3170 Kg 3170 Kg 3170 Kg 3170 Kg
    Payload 1800 Kg 1800 Kg 1800 Kg 1800 Kg
  • Turning Radius

    Inner Wheel Braked
    Turning Radius Outside Bucket-2WD 4670mm
    Turning Radius Outside Wheels-2WD 3490mm
    Inner Wheel Not Braked
    Turning Radius Outside Bucket-2WD 5660mm
    Turning Radius Outside Wheels-2WD 4445mm
  • Shipping Weight of Vehicle

    Net Weight of Machine with Ind Tyres 7700kg
    Net Weight of Machine with HD Tyres 7860kg